Friday, March 1, 2013

90Outloud: Broadcast 90 Seconds Of Your Favorite Book

Der Rabe, Carl Spitzweg, circa 1845

Bill Cheng, a writer I know, started something called 90Outloud— a way for anyone around the world to post a ninety-second flick of their favorite passages. Just 90 seconds or less from your favorite novel, memoir, travelogue, short story, poem, whatever (published and not your own). A paragraph. Sometimes not even that. Just a minute and a half for a snippet of book to come suddenly and thrillingly to life.

"Because books are awesome!" Bill says and I agree. "They are a confetti burst of sounds, and images, and ideas. A long gorgeous chain of words, dancing the tongue from roof to teeth to lips. Because books, in some way or another, have added to my life and have added to the lives of those I’ve cared about. Because I still believe that the book is the basic neuron of civilization, carrying impulses— our fears and hopes, the worst and best of ourselves— from the streets up into the seats of power, and out again; it tells us who we are and what we want to be and remains our best astrolabe for an unknown future." 

Also visit 90Outloud at and follow them on Twitter: @90outloud.

I shared. You should too!

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